How to Copy Data from One Excel to Another with a Pivot Table

I have to copy data from a spreadsheet output from a BO Report to another Excel spreadsheet that has a pivot table. If I just do a copy tab I lose all of the connections from one tab to the other. What is the best way to copy from one Excel sheet to another and keep the destination formatting and pivot table?

Did you use this?

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Thanks. I did try that but I was losing the links in the Pivot Table when it tried to link to the copied data.

Hi @MattO ,

Can you please drop us an sample excel file?

WROT_Summary_20210121.xlsx (497.7 KB)

I am trying to copy to the Credit_Line Tab without losing the connection to the ROT tab.

Hi @MattO ,

Check out the workflow attached and let me know if it solves your need!! (1.3 MB)

Thanks Kanthesh. I discovered that these are formulas and not a Pivot Table. The problem I am running into is if I copy a master template and try to write over it with the data it says the tab already exists. Choose a new name. If I copy the data as a new tab then it loses all references in the formula to the source sheet and can’t reconnect. (See Attach)Sample Pivot Connection Issue