Copy Pivot from one Excel file to another excel file

Hi, I am using v2019 Studio. I need to copy Pivot table from Excel to the Other Excel. I have tried read and write range , Copy sheet . But cannot able to achieve the requirement.

Please help me how to get the exact pivot from one Excel to other.

Thanks in Advance…

Hi @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

You can use the Copy\Paste range activity which copy the pivot table and paste it in the other excel.
In the Source field give like this

Excel.Sheet(“Demo1”).PivotTable(“Pivot Table”)
In thedestination field you can give the range of other excel.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

I m using 2019 studio version. I m unable to find the modern Excel activities

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Okay Go to Home page of UiPath Studio.
Open the Settings → Go to design tab → Check the Use Modern for new Projects.

If you are able to see that option do enable the option to use modern activities in your project weather you are using v2019. @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud