Copy header from one excel and create a new excel and paste in it


I want to copy only header from excel file and create a new excel file and paste only header in the new file.
also the number of columns in the original excel is not fix. it kept on changing.

I have tried as per below solution, but it don’t works for me as the no of column is not fixed for me.

Please help me to get the solution of this.


Let us take you are having an Excel sheet 1, So read the excel sheet 1 and store it in a datatable dta, while reading using Read Range Activity. check Add Headers Property.

Now Create one more datatable variable dtb .
use Assign Activity,

dtb= dta.Clone()

Now use Write Range Activity to write in Excel. Check Add Headers Property In Write Range Activity Also.


Hey @uppatel,

If you need only the headers in the new file check out this simple workflow i created for you :wink:
test.xaml (6.1 KB)

Best Regards.