How to Copy Cell data from excel file without closing Excel file

I want to copy the data from excel cell without closing it, the reason behind keeping excel open is i am going to copy multiple cell data into my ERP tool one by one.

I have used below method with storing that cell data into variable and then put that into ERP tool, but then got the error “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process in read range”.

Here I am assigning Excel value into variable

Here I am set the text into ERP tool

You can use Excel Application scope and their activities instead of Workbook …

I am using Excel Application scope only.

Since you are using the workbook activities it will give you the error, so use the excel application scope.

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If you use Workbook activities inside Excel application scope then it will give you error
as Excel Application Scope opens your File and use till it gets out of that scope
That’s why u are getting this error
Instead you should Use Read Cell of Excel Activities

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