How to convert Word File into Json File in UIPath



Can anyone tell me how to convert Word File to JSON file.
Please help me its very urgent


@Yusuf_Mansuri Follow below post


Sure but i need conversion of word to json @indra



  1. read word file and store in string variable (v1)
  2. create variable jsonConv type (JsonConvert)
  3. create variable string type (strJson)
  4. assign strJson = jsonConv.SerializeObject(v1)


@indra I am very new to UIPATH and i have not much idea about it.
Can i have your email id please i need to ask you something more.
Sorry i am bothering you but i need your help.


@Yusuf_Mansuri Ping personally


@indra How to ping personally here ?


@Yusuf_Mansuri click on the user name you can get pop up than click message