How to Convert Datatable into Json object


Is any Activity in UIPath which will convert Datatable into Json object ? Do you have any reference or example which shows datatable conversion into Json objects.


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Did you try JsonConvert.SerializeObject(DataTable)


This should work.

Do note that DataTable and JSON serialization have corner cases that don’t play nice with each other (deseriaized schema is completely based on first row).

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I couldnt get this to work. Could anyone assist with examples on how to convert a DATA TABLE to JSON? Or even CSV to JSON in UIPATH?


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There is a bug when first trying to use the JsonConvert.SerializeObject. The function reads as an error until you create a variable of type JsonConvert. You can delete the variable afterward.


@vvaidya Can you please help me how to convert word file into Json.

I am very new to UIPATH please help me.


Hi @Ranjan,

Here you go below Are some Operation being Performed:-

  1. Convert Text File To into Formatted Excel Data Column
  2. Read the the Formatted DataTable and Convert to JSON

Attached the Sample Script:- (26.4 KB)

Note:Require To Import NameSpaces


Below are The Sample ScreenShots:-

1.Raw Data

2. FormattedExcel

3.Final JSON Result

Sanjay Shankhla

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Hello Ranjan,
In this video I do a lot of stuff with JSON (Chapter included) :

15:55 Datatable to JSON
17:50 JSON to Datatable

Cristian Negulescu

Hi Mate,

I saw your suggestion for datatable to json string convert.

I have json format like this, how can ı turn it with Invoke Code with your method.

I tried json.searilize method but the result like this ;

[{“task_id”:509.0,“tesvik_isim”:“55ON”,“status”:“Teşvikten Yararlanabilirsiniz”,“tesvik_tutari”:“178,88 TL”,“aciklama”:“Kazanç :3.577,50 TL”}

I need it like this ;

[{“task_id”:“509”,“tesvik_isim”:“55ON”,“status”:“Teşvikten Yararlanabilirsiniz”,“tesvik_tutari”:“178,88 TL”,“aciklama”:“Kazanç :3.577,50 TL”}

Need to change 509.0 to “509” how can ı do that ?

Could you please help me about it?