How to convert timespan HH:MM:SS into only Seconds

Hi All,

I want to convert timestamp.

Current Format: HH:MM:SS
Expected Format: SSSS

eg- i am trying to calculate the time, which application take to do any transaction. currently it is showing like 00:04:33:12345 (HH:MM:SS:MS)

but i need the result in seconds only, eg 500 seconds instead of HH:MM:SS:MS

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If you value is in the data type of timespan you can use the .TotalSeconds function:


returns value 273


Can you elaborate more with an example.

Attached is a Workflow that does the following:

  1. Stores the Start Time in a variable
  2. Does some processing (in this case a 5s delay)
  3. Stores the End Time in a variable
  4. Calculates the Runtime by subtracting the End Time from the Start Time
  5. Logs the Runtime in total Seconds

Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

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When you do this, just output the time using the code he provided. The rest of your calculations can stay the same.

For example if Runtime is a timespan type value you can skip the parse,

Log Message: "Total Runtime: "+runTime.TotalSeconds.ToString+" seconds"

If the Runtime is stored as a string (I don’t know why it would though since you are making a subtraction), then you need the Parse as he presented where you do TimeSpan.Parse(runTimeString).TotalSeconds.ToString


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Thank you it worked, i was using .seconds instead of .totalSeconds, so was getting wrong value.

Thank you,

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