Convert TotalSeconds To Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds


Could you please help to Convert Total Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds? Thanks in Advance

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Great…thats really a good question to start with

so to get the hours, minutes, seconds from seconds, with seconds saved in a variable of double datatype named for example in_Seconds then


For example

gives us

–simply write this in a write line activity like Timespan.FromSeconds(12345).ToString
You will get to know the answer…

Hope this would help you buddy



Thanks a lot C.Ciprian, Will be useful when dealing with “Invoke Code” Functionality

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Thanks Palaniyappan, it’s exactly answering my request , still only one issue, as I’m using String Variable for “In-Seconds” instead of Integer.
I tried to convert this string to integer as follows :

but I got the following error message:
Write Line: Input string was not in a correct format.

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You don’t need to use Invoke Code, because you can use the in expression fields such as the Assign activity.

Take this example:

You can put that in an Assign activity like this:

yourtimespan = new TimeSpan(TimeSpan.TicksPerSecond * yourseconds)
yourtimeString = yourtimespan.Hours.ToString("00") + ":" + yourtimespan.Minutes.ToString("00") + ":" + yourtimespan.Seconds.ToString("00")

but, I would go with palaniyappan’s idea since it’s simpler.

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Make sure the variable TimeDiff is a number or it won’t convert. Also use Long type, not Integer, since seconds can be large.

Thanks ClaytonM, How To Choose Long Type, because my issue solved when changing TimeDiff to Double but I got the following : Write Line: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.

Thanks a lot Dears, My Problem Totally fixed, after Changing int32 to int64 as per ClaytonM Suggestion:

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:+1: cool

You can also use vb to convert to Long type with CLng(TimeDiff)


How do i get this from a variable that is a string :)?

Please can you help…

We can store this in a string variable
And get the input as well from a string variable
Cheers @J_Swali

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