How to convert the date to USA format

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I want to convert the dates like 11/02/2002 and 24/04/1993 (Indian format) to USA format like 02/24/1993 and 04/24/1993.

Please someone help me.



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Hi @HeartCatcher ,

That can be easily achieved by using the DateTime.ParseExact method like so →


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Can you please check your query once.

You want month first and then date right ?

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Yes month first


FYI, another solution:

yourString = "24/04/1993"




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Hi @HeartCatcher

if you want month first then here you go

DateTime.ParseExact(your variable,"dd/MM/yyyy",Nothing).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

so this helps you in getting the desired output

if at all you need year first and next month kindly change last part accordingly

happy automation

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Hi @HeartCatcher

if you dont have any queries on this
kinldy close the topic @HeartCatcher

Happy Learning :slight_smile: @HeartCatcher


You can try any one of the solution suggested by others.

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