How to Convert String field into int32

I got data from browser in variable Extract datatable, using filter option i can maniculate only text field by using filter database.i can’t able to use < or > because it is a string.

I use assign activity to fetch data WIID fileld.
Select statment is “ExtractDataTable.Select(“WIID<‘500000’”).CopyToDatatable”

Iam getting an runtime error “WIID field not found”.
Can anyone please advise?

Can you try using this

Check this below code, @NC_Vignesh
ExtractDataTable.Select(Function(x) Cint(x(“WIID”).ToString.Trim) < 500000).CopyToDataTable

ExtractDataTable.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r)( Convert.ToInt32(r(“WIID”).ToString)< 500000 )).CopyToDataTable

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