How to convert pdf to excel?


The below is the pdf file. how to convert pdf file to excel ?

Please help me with solution (NO document understanding please)

let me know solution by using macro
pdffile.pdf (200.2 KB)

Thanks in advance


Hey @vinjam_likitha

Read the PDF text and format it.

Use Generate Data Table for converting the Table to Excel DataTable.



We can achieve this in many ways…

Read the pdf using read pdf activity and create the output variable in the properties panel

Then take one generate data table activity and adjust the columns and rows by seperating the commas or spaces…

Create output variable for the generate data table

Then use write range activity and pass the data table with the Excel path…

If you don’t have created excel… no problem, this will create the new excel


If the data table is available in the excel we can use extract data table from pdf… custom component… you can find it in market place

Try this and let me know



In the above PDF file i need only that table into excel file what should i do in Generate datatable activity

Thanks in advance



Have a view on this thread


Hello @vinjam_likitha

Can you read that excel using Read PDF TEXT ACTIVITY and share the screenshot here.

As per my view, you can remove the unwanted data from tbe string after reading the pdf and then convert it to datatable in multiple ways. Can refer the below video.

UiPath- Text to DataTable |Generate DataTable & Text to Columns activities

Read the pdf file & then convert it to the datatable.

Hi @vinjam_likitha

=> Use Read PDF Text or Read PDF with OCR to read the PDF and store the output in a variable.
=> Use Generate Data Table from Text activity and pass that variable. Stote the output in a variable which will be of datatype Data Table.
=> Use Write Range Workbook activity and write the data into Excel.

Hope it helps!!