How to convert int Month to abbreviated month name

How to convert int Month to abbreviated month name?

i.e currentMonth (type Int) = 6

how can I convert this to the month name (june)? Will this be of type DateTime?


So it is currently an integer type? You can convert it to string or to datetime, which would you prefer?

the variable is currently type int. I don’t mind either string or dateTime. How would you do both?

For string, just assign YourStringVariable = MonthName(YourIntegerVariable) - this will return a string where 1 = January, 6 = June 12 = Decemeber, etc.

For datetime, you have to also give it a year and day. To do this you would assign YourDateTimeVariable = New DateTime(Year,Month,Day) - in this datetime the Year,Month,Day are all integer variables

EDIT: the string solution will give the full month name. If you want the abbreviated name, then you should instead do assign YourStringVariable = MonthName(YourIntegerVariable,True)



Try this:

Month_number–> Integer value of month(06 for June)



Use an Assign Variable is of Type String
Statement: New DateTime(2000,6,1).ToString(“MMMM”) Returns June
Within the Formating Configuration You can adopt as per your needs

Thanks! This worked! is there a way to convert the string month name to french?

This you maybe can control with setting CultureInfo explictly

What are the steps to do that?

Yes it is! You just need to change the cultureinfo.

You can do this in an assign activity (make sure you do this BEFORE you are getting the monthname)

Assign System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo("fr-FR")

This will make it so MonthName(6) = “juin” using France’s French (as opposed to generic french or canadian french)

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Give a try on: New DateTime(2000,6,1).ToString(“MMMM”,new CultureInfo(“fr-FR”))
But make sure System.Globalization is imported in namespace

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This worked! thanks

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