How to convert int into string

i want to convert month like 1 to month name how to do that using swtich activity?
i m extracting the month number from date picker…
what should i do for that?


Hi @parvati,

Try this-

where “MMM” = the month in letters


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Also you may refer below post-

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where should i put this condition…
i m extracting the month using get text activity and store the value in one variable ,
now i want to use switch activity for converting that month no into month name
what to do for that?

if 1 selected it should use Jan In the place of 01…

help me for this…


Why you want to use switch activity when you can use a simple assign statement.

If you are getting the whole date, the you can use the above solution,

if not if you are getting the one number from 1 to 12 then you can use an array of string and store from “jan to Dec” in that array.

After extracting get text for month and when you get the number for ex : as 5 , then you can pass the above value as index in array as array(5) which will have the month name “May”

actually it is giving only month name in the variable…


Please be clear, are you getting Month Number or Month Name

Hi @ShilpiJ, in the following link, you have different options to convert dates.