How to convert ilocalResource to IResource

hi, I am using Box Integration Activities. For Download File Activity output parameter contains (IResource) Data Type. I cant give FilePath as String. I Updated My Packages Also.

I used Path Exists Activity to get value in form of IResource. But it gave in the form of ILocalResouce.

So How to covert It into IResouce.


As File Resource property is out type, we can set new variable to it (using ctrl+K), i think.


If you need to set local folder, Folder property will work.


Hi @Yoichi,

I am using UiPath.Box.IntegrationService.Activities Package. For me its different.
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I want to give local file Path to it. Don’t Know how

Can you tell me which box package are you using?


It’s Box.IntegrationService 4.0.3 on Studio 22.4.6 - Windows project.

So if you use 22.10.x, can you try to use it in Windows-Legacy project, for now?


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Hi @RpaNoobMax, did you manage to get this resolved? I am also facing the same issue. Please let me know the solution, if you have. Thanks in advance

Hi There,

To get the fullpath from iLocal variable type, take your output varibale and add .LocalPath

example: iLocalVariable.LocalPath

Or if you just want the file name use the .FullName

example: iLocalVariable.FullName