Convert dictionary to datatable to send to excel

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I want to send the contents of a dictionary to Excel. I was wondering if there is a quick way of converting a dictionary to a datable so that I can then use write range, or should I just loop through the dictionary and write the dictionary key and data into the Excel worksheet line by line.

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yes you can

  1. Build data table with two columns key and value.
  2. have a loop for dictionary
  3. for each item add data row (output of build data table) input {item.key, item.value}

Hey @charliefik

you can follow @Divyashreem steps.
just adding one point for more clarification.

Use a for each loop with argument

If still having doubt you can look into attached old sample - Convert_Dict_To_Datatable.xaml (10.1 KB)


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Thanks very much @Divyashreem and @aksh1yadav. I just looped through the dictionary and wrote directly into the excel using write cell (rather than convert to datatable first). I was hoping that there was some kind of instant conversion function like Cint (for example turning a string into an integer) that could be applied to a dictionary to turn it into a datatable then to excel via write range.(just being lazy!)

As you say @aksh1yadav making sure that you are using the correct argument type in the for each loop is essential and good job adding an example its very helpful.

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