How to convert datatable to PDF without using Word automation. please help

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I wanted to convert datatable to PDF without using word activity as word is not installed on robot server. Could someone please help on it.



If excel is installed then you can use save as pdf in excel


Hi @Anil_G

I am extracting some column values from excel to datatable and need to copy the datatable to pdf document for mail merge activities.
Should I need to convert datatable to excel again and then save as PDF.


Hi @Nancy29

Try this

Yes you need to convert again to different excel because save excel as pdf activity converts total excel as pdf if you dont want to convert all sheets to pdf then my suggestion is create new excel and convert to pdf

Hi @Nancy29

No need to convert the datatable to excel, If the datatable is in the excel then you can use the excel activities to save the excel as pdf, for that you can use the Save Excel File As PDF activity.

→ Use the Use excel file activity and pass the excel file path.
→ Inside Use excel file activity insert the Save excel file as PDF activity. Then give the path of the PDF path where you want to save it as pdf.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @lrtetala

Sure. Will try it.


Hi @mkankatala

Sure. Will try it.


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Either you can directly delete the column on excel only or can write the datatable to excel and then save as pdf


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Step 1:

  • Build DataTable (if needed)

Step 2:

  • Install Packages:
    • UiPath.Excel.Activities
    • UiPath.PDF.Activities

Step 3:

  • Drag “Export to PDF” activity
  • Configure:
    • Input: DataTable
    • Output: PDF file path

Step 4:

  • Run the workflow


Hi @sai_gupta

Export to PDF activity is removed from UiPath Studio, I guess. I couldn’t be able to get the activity.



use this instead of export to pdf

System.IO.File.WriteAllText("C:\Path\To\Your\File.pdf", yourTextContent)


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Sure. Thankyou for your inputs

Thanks All for your inputs. it helps.


when the solution flag is set to

Can you please share with us a sample of the PDF generated with:
and a screenshot of the used modellings? Thanks

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