How to convert Data Row into List

Can anyone let me know how to convert Data Row into List.
I used the Read Row activity to get the row data which is of type IEnumerable. While trying to convert it to a list it is throwing an error saying “list of an object cannot convert into a list of string”.

Thanks in advance.


Use multiple Add To Collection activities depends on number of columns you have and pass all row values. Then Row will be converted to List.


give a try on following

myStringList | DataType: List(of String)

Assign acitvity
Left: myStringList
Right: myReadRowOutput.Select(Function (x) x.ToString).toList

You are almost done

Mention like this

This will give the row data as a array of string

To convert it as a list


Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Kavya_Mamidishetti2


@Palaniyappan Thanks for your response. Output variable for ReadRow is (Let’s say opReadRow)
Where to mention this row.ItemArray().ToList

Thanks.It worked.

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