Converting Data Table to an Array of String

I am having of a list of items in an excel which I want it in a string array. After reading the excel data using read range, how do I use the assign activity to convert the datatable data to my string array? I saw many similar discussions in the forum but it did not work properly for me. Please help me out on this. Thank you

@risheviswanath_s you can use something like this:

stringArr = dataTable.Rows[0].ItemArray.Select(x => x.ToString()).ToArray();

stringArr is type of String Array

Note: It will convert the first row to Array of String type because I have given 0 in the syntax.

Hope it will help you.

@anmolk171 thanks for the reply. May I know where exactly I need to type this out. By typing this, suppose my string array name data_list then how will the content of the data table be converted and stired in the string array since the varaible name of string array is not mentioned.

you will create a variable with the name as you want (for explanation i will use stringArr) and set it to datatype String() (an array of strings)

within an assign activity

  • on the left side(To) - stringArr
  • on the right side - dataTable.Rows(0).ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.ToString().Trim).ToArray()

dataTable is to replace with the variable name that you have used for the datatable in your implementation

Result: a string array of all column values from the first datatable row


@risheviswanath_s - I guess @ppr write the way to do that.

I have done the same but i get this error. Ledger_list is the name of my string array.

there was a copy and paste typo. try this:
dataTable.Rows(0).ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.ToString().Trim).ToArray()

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Hey @ppr
I just tried and it is working but when I display the output of the string array in a message box using for each activity, only the first line of the table is getting printed. So i guess the other line items from the data table have not been converted and assigned to the string array. Thanks

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Rows(0) is doing this for the first Row only. Please reformulate your requirement with other words or share a colored image showing on what all should go into the array. Thanks