How to convert All datatable to Array [String]

after consulting the subjects present in the forum, I allowed myself to ask my question which I have not found an answer yet.
I want to convert the whole datatable to an ARRAY STRING, Not only same column.
Thank you in advance

in case of we do need the datatatble represented as a string the output Datatable activity helps

If your scenario is different then let us know it. Especially on how the datarows should be handled. Maybe following approach will help:

assign activity:
left side: arrDTAsString (String Array)
Right Side:
(From d In yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Select sra = String.Join(" | ",d.ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.ToString).toArray)).ToArray


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Hi @Robot59 ,

Wat you can do is,

  1. Use output datatable to get the value as string
  2. Split the data at β€œ,”

Let me know, if it helps

Hello @ppr
It not work

My wish is: to send each row of my datatable to a googlesheet file.
with this method my row is displayed in my file in question {}

Thanks in advance


[quote=β€œRobot59, post:4, topic:285836”]
It not work

the reason for your validation message is the missing ( on begin of the statement.

Just check always while copy and paste that the entire statement is catched.

with your additional information have a look here:

the hover indicates that the datatype is of Object Array

give a try on using row.ItemArray in this field

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Thank you @ppr It works Well

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