How to Convert a Roman letter into Number in a String?

If I have “Angles I” in a String.I need to convert those string into “Angles 2”

Can any one help this Scenario please

Thanks in Advance,

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have a check on this package

Hi @keerthi_arumugam

Can you share some more examples of your requirement.

Hey @keerthi_arumugam !! I made a fast flow to be able to translate numbers from 1 to 3999 with a very simple approach and O(N) complexity. The Input is just the roman numeral, pay attention to that. But I’m sending a regex to capture roman numbers in your String. If you have trouble implementing it, let me know. That I leave the flow more comprehensive to find any roman, translate and perform the replace given any String.
It is modularized, use in your flow passing the roman number as input argument and receive the decimal number by the output variable.

RomanToInt.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hope it helps!!

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Input of the String :Angel I
Output of the String: Angel 1
This is my Requirement.

Can you give xmal file for this?