How to use NuGet packages

Hello everyone,

For a project I need to convert roman numerals in string format to integers.

My .NET knowledge is too limited to write some code myself to achieve this, but fortunately there already have some people that created a package to make such a conversion.

I have found this package from the NuGet database, but I have no idea how to invoke it.

I have downloaded the package and now I can see the RomanNumeral.Utility namespace and in the Package Manager I can see it.
But it doesn’t show up under activities ):.

Does anyone know how I can use the package?
I understand that these NuGet libraries aren’t specifically designed to be used in UiPath, but I guess it should be possible to use them.

Hi @trabart

If not explicitly documented, you can just start typing your expression in the Write Line activity, like this:

At one point you might need to switch to a parenthesis though:


Thank you mr. loginerror.
I will try this. So if I understand it right: if you want to use a NuGet package, you can just type the name in for example a write line activity to see what options you have?

Hi @trabart

This simply depends on the package :slight_smile: The ones that were not designed to directly work with UiPath might not have an UI element, but are still accessible coding-wise (when successfully installed)

It still didn’t work for me. In your example you tried to convert arab numerals to latin, but I need to do the complete opposite. Can you show me an example in which such a conversion works? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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