How to Connect Studio to Bitbucket

Issues linking UiPath to Git (bitbucket)

You can connect using a free Bitbucket account only using an SSH key and connection.

1. Setup an SSH Key as described here

ssh-keygen from CMD

2. Add the SSH key to Bitbucket under Personal settings SSH Key (if logged in use the URL;

3. Open Studio

4. Open a project

5. Go to Team - if connected to any git disconnect

6. GIT Init

7. Select your local folder where the studio project resides

8. Add commit message

9. Click commit

10. Make a change in the wf

11. Go to main and push (bottom right)

12. Manage remote

- add new remote name

- add the repo URL (go the bitcucket repository - clone - select SSH and copy the URL after the gitclone)

13. Click add

14. Click save

15. Click pull (rebase)

16. Add the SSH key path (to the publ file)

17. Add the SSH key password (if any/if not leave it blank)

18. Click save

None of the images are rendering for me. Do you by any chance have a tutorial video of these instructions?