How to concatenate three columns of a row in efficient way?

hey guys, a data table DT and it has four columns Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4 i want to concatenate first three column and place the value at starting of data table then to excel. any help how to do it?


use For Each Row activity to iterate dataTable.

        ForEach row in dataTablename
            Int index = dataTablename.rows.indexof(row)+2
           - use write cell activity and pass 
             Sheet name: sheet name
             Range: "D"+index.Tostring
             Value: row("Column1").Tostring+" 
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thank you for reply, even i taught to do same but the challenge was to use without for each loop as it consumes most time. Any other method, Do you?

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Hi Buddy

Hope Its resolved here is your xaml buddy (13.5 KB) @kishore.shetty

Hope this would help you



Using assign activity and temp variable create a datatable activity and upload it to excel spread sheet.
For example x=x+y .

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