How to compare two data tables and look for not matching row columns?

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I have two excel’ s need to compare both need remove the not matching row columns .I had tried UiPath activities but it doesn’t help me much because data tables contains with 100 thousand rows,
There is any alternate solution Please help me .

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Hi @Thumu_Suresh ,

Please have a look on the below thread.

Thank you.

Hi Jobin ,

In inside the chain there lot of replies .I didn’t get the solution .
Can you please help.


Hi, Thumu

Try Join Data Tables Activity and add match rules (column from dt_1 = column from dt_2) and choose Inner options. Set new DataTable as output:



Hi Lima ,

It is taking more 40 min to complete .
Can you help me with other alternate solution .

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Hi @Thumu_Suresh

Hi Sangeetha ,

Thanks for the quick response!!!

In my cases there different column Name in datatable(DT1) need to compare with other data table column in dt2 with different column .
We need to compare the both the datatables if any of the row column is matched we need to remove and non matched row column data need to store in other data table.
But data is more than 7 to 10 Lakhs records.

How much columns do you need to compare?

Can you provide the both excel with fake data ?

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