How to compare two column (A and B) if another column(C) have value then dont add matched rows

Hi, I have example excel.
Example.xlsx (23.4 KB)

On sheet Read Input:

if Column B matched with Column A (Order No) on another sheet:

How to let both this column compare and if column C (SID) on sheet Read Input have value, then not replace matched rows

And also if Quantity of Column A (Order No) on Input2 sheet > quantity of Column B(Order No) with value on Column C (SID) then add the leftover quantity on excel row

Expected output:

Can i have idea how to do this?
Thank u so much!!

Hi @mashy2 ,

Can you share the expected output based on your input.


hi, i have added my expected output.
The idea is that, if same order no but have SID, then need to minus the quantity. if same order no with no SID, then need to update info and also add leftover quantity of same order no

its quite complicated, i also dont have any idea on how to minus those order no that have SID.
hoping someone can help me out cause RPA definitely not my forte

@mashy2 , Please do Close this Topic, as we already have the Solution for this in the below Post :