How to compare the data in different sheet of an excel workbook

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The walk through is as per below:-

  1. i have an excel file which consist of data for costing.
  2. Each of the sheet is refer to different month costing, 12 sheets in total
  3. Every costing are differ by categories of account.
  4. I will need to paste the data for current month into the same excel worksheet.
  5. Then, compare the data for the past 12 months.
  6. Highlight those abnormalities.

Kindly provide some sample of workflow on how to do this.

Thank you.

Hello @eelin,
It’s not an easy task but you should be able to do this by assigning excel sheets to DataTable and by using ForEach loop go through the data and do the compare tasks. At the end use the Write Cell / Write Range to put the data into excel file.


Thanks for your reply.

This is the sample of the file.

i have around 7 sheets in this workbook.

Each sheet are referring to the different categories.

As you can see, in the sheet itself it consists of different months data.

What i need to do is at each sheet i need to compare the sum of each categories for each month.

If the sum is not the same, then i need to analyse which is the wrong(extra row item).

i understand that i need to use the for each row but i have no idea how to use it to fulfill the condition needed.

Below is the pic of my workflow. i am not able to attach my wokflow here.

Kindly advise me.

Thank you.