Compare Excel Sheets and highlight diffrences in a new Excel

Hello everyone,

I’m Looking for a way to highlight the diffrences u can see in the Screenshot.
To understand how i want to get this diffrences highlited i uploaded my Workflow.

I still try to explain it in words:
I compared these two Excel Sheets by using read range for both, then putting both in a for each row and then put the data in a new Excel sheet with write range.

I just want to know how is it possible to highlight the diffrences which are written in the new Excel file with write range.

Thank u very much in advance!!

Verrechnungsprozess FINAL.xaml (42.0 KB)

Hi @Florian_Gashi

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You can try this way

Like comapring excel sheets and getting unmatched rows and then using that unmatched rows to compare the rows in excel file and highlighting it Accordingly

Refer this link too