How To Compare lists

Hi Everyone ,

I have two lists i try to compare if .

list 1: 111 , 222

list 2: 111 , 222 , 333

the output is : 11 , 22

Thank you

Are you looking for this?



yes , Thank you

@ppr can i ask another question?

Sure, we are here for your questions.

Just keep in mind. Supporting other researchers we keep 1 Topic = 1 case. When it is solved then the author is marking the solving post as a solution:

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So, whats your question?

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Thank you.

Actually it is in same topic ,

if i have the list with value example A , B , C , D

I need to check if this list include tow value A and C if These values in the list means true else false


@ppr Thank you for your help

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