How to compare excel row by row comparison and view other excel sheet column output

  1. Take the file Chart number and compare it to see if there is a duplicate in next row.
  2. If it is duplicate, the patient payment (E) of both are added (+) Patient amount
    (F) column and also remove duplicate nonprint F ( Patient amount) row.
  3. Otherwise, the single value is put in the same F column.

  1. The excel sheet should be as shown below. There should be a completed Patient amount column.
  2. FINALLY I need to look new excel sheet into this output.

*** What I want is a workflow that goes with use of the ACTIVITY.

Hi @Nikky_Diss ,

It looks like the case of Group By and Sum. There are similar posts already available, do check it and let us know if you still require more help :

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Yeah, but I want use activity to create that workflow. And also need to remove duplicate 1st row.

Hi @Nikky_Diss ,
You can use 2 loop to compare data, if chartnumber are match then calculate sum of payment then assign to value of amount
then write data to sheet2
if you need detail, can you share your file?


How about the following?

Sample20230814-3L (2).zip (13.1 KB)