Excel read duplicate rows and compare columns data to those rows

How In excel read duplicate rows and compare if the columns data of those rows are equal or not

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are you looking for approach to detect duplicated row by

  • checking all columns
  • checking 1 or particular columnset

Checking Column A for duplicates which will have multiple sets of them. Then for each set compare the data of specific columns of those duplicates

find some starter help here:
FindDupsUniquesFirstFromGroup_By1Col.xaml (9.3 KB)

as it using the groupby approach also get some introduction on this here:

Hey Brett,

I am not sure I understand exactly what the goal is. Can you provide example data for what the end goal is?

I thought you might be able to use the Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True, “ColumnName1”, “ColumnName2…”) This will output a dt of only unique values with the specified columns. I am uploading a demo of this in use. Hope this helps…

Dt_DefaultView.zip (2.7 KB)

Inventory Reconciliation Monitoring Report (6).xls (692 KB)
find duplicates in columnA and then compare the data in columns F and K and determine if they are equal or not