How to compare two string

I want to compare two strings variable,
which Astring is get from PDF OCR and is a company name
and Bstring is get from excel and also is company name
I want to know if two strings is exactly the same
I used IF function but no idea on how to compare two string

Hi @Andy_Chow

String1 = String2 is the way to compare if 2 strings are exactly the same, spaces and all


check below screen shot
if you want compare with out case sensitive, then use below condition
a.ToLower.Trim = b.ToLower.Trim



I am wondering, if the input of two string is not exactly the same, like string 1 with a few more spaces or comma , can I still compare?


U can simply remove the spaces and comma

a.ToLower.Replace(" “,”").Replace(",","")=b.ToLower.Replace(" “,”").Replace(",","")

Or u can remove all characters other than alphabets and compare,


thx but I am very new to coding
may i know what is “System.Text.RegularExpression.Regex.Replace” ?

It replaces a string that matches a specific pattern with the given string(replacement string)

From the above ,
Input variable is a

The pattern is [^a-zA-Z] - this keeps only the alphabets(lower case and uppercase)

Replacement string is “” which means nothing. It just replaces the characters other than alphabet’s

For eg:
If variable a=“student123-@sABC

Output would be studentsABC

If you remove ^ from pattern [^a-zA-Z] ,
Then u will get output as 123-@

OK, thanks a lot!

Main.xaml: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “System.Text.RegularExpression.Regex.Replace(address,”[^a-zA-Z]","").Equals(System.Text.RegularExpression.Regex.Replace(string.Concat(address1, address2),"[^a-zA-Z]",""))".
‘RegularExpression’ is not a member of ‘Text’.
‘RegularExpression’ is not a member of ‘Text’.

found this error when i compile

Sorry, it’s RegularExpressions