How to commit code in specific branch from studio

In Github i have a repository named uipath.
In the repository I have 2 branches named main and Dev
Now i need to commit my code directly to DEV branch from studio.
but when i connect my github with studion and commit it , it is getting committed to main branch instead of dev branch

My requirement is to commit to dev branch in github directly from studio

Hi @Purushothaman_S,

Please refer to this [video] (Git and Version Control in UiPath (Tutorial from Start to Finish) - YouTube) and check how work with branches, the UI interface makes it very easy.

Also if you are interested in learning more about Git features and using command line please review this playlist. This is the only playlist you will ever need to understand how GIT works . 1.1: Introduction - Git and GitHub for Poets - YouTube


Also you can refer below doc for your reference

Hope this will help you