How To Collect Performance Profile Log From Azure App Service?

How to collect Performance Profile log from Azure app service?

When is it needed to collect performance profile log?

If any application slowness is faced, even though RAM and CPU and Database utilization has good performance then collect this log to help us to analysis from our side.

To collect a performance profile:

  1. Open KUDU and go to the Process explorer section.
  2. For the w3wp.exe process (not SCM), check the "Collect IIS Events" checkbox and click Start Profiling.
  3. Request the web application home page and, to ensure that profiling is running, click Refresh on the KUDU page.
  4. Reproduce the performance issue in your web application.
  5. Go back to the Process explorer section in KUDU.
  6. Click Stop Profiling.
  7. After the process is finished, a profile_*_w3wp_*.diagsession file is downloaded to your PC.
  8. To further analyze the downloaded file, open it in Microsoft Visual Studio: