Turn on Low level tracing for Orchestrator in Azure

How to turn on low level tracing for Orchestrator in Azure?

For App Service Low Level Tracing cannot be enabled as would treat with an IAAS environment. Nevertheless, a similar approach can be done for the App Service.

  • Go to 'App Service' > 'App Service Logs' > Enable 'Application Logging (Filesystem)' and set the level to "Verbose":
  • Once enabled, reproduce the issue and collect the logs. It can be done from the Kudu Console ('App Service' > 'Advanced tools' > 'Go'). Once there click on 'Tools' > 'Diagnostic Dump':

  • It will download the Low Level trace dump which might help in identifying a problem.
In regards diagnostics logging for apps in Azure App Service, the official Microsoft documentation could also be checked from here .