How to close pdf opening file after created it

I am convert the excel file into .PDF
but when I open the Excel file and press the f12, then put the path with file name and click publish.
Now the PDF is created in a folder. but after 2 sec the created pdf open so how to close it.

Once create the pdf I don’t want to open it. How to close it.
Or I can kill the pdf once it’s created??? suggest please

OR I kill Adobe Acrobate…How to kill this, In kill process what name I should give???

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando

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Yah of course
We can kill with Kill process activity with process name property as “ACROBAT”
Or to get the right name go to task manager and check with pdf application and get the process name before .exe and use it in the property panel of kill process

Cheers @balkishan


Not working ?? Any other name
Tried with image not working for this also.

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Try this “AcroRd32”



No not this the process name is
Cheers @balkishan

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while giving the path of the pdf file after converting, you can see there is a box - “open file after publishing” , uncheck that box .
Now pdf will not open after getting converted from excel.


Not working still the application is open on my desktop bro.

Thanks bro that what I need. I didn’t see this option
Thanks to Palani bro it resolved.

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glad it helped , pls mark the reply as solved as it will help other in future

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can you just check.

It capture the complete are not the particular button.

I use Check activity here

it will work , just make sure in property of this activity - in “action” , select “uncheck”

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I this is not a good way to generate pdf bro.

I run now the excel is open in background. can you tell me other way to generate the .PDF

Now it’s open the excel and when press f12 it close the excel and next assign activity not executing.

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