How to click on multiple buttons on a webpage having same name?

In the following link: (enter PO32 6AG in search box ), the webpage has multiple “More Details” when you click on this it reveals more information which I want to extract. I have around 1000 postal codes. For each postal code the web page will have multiple add details button. How to design the sequence in UI path such that every time it opens the webapage after searching the postal code it clicks on all “More Details” buttons allowing me to extract the information?

Hi @Data_Wizard ,
You can use “Use Application/Browser”
with NClick activity

You can see, hope it help

1.Open Browser: Open the web page using the specified URL.

2.Type Into: Use the “Type Into” activity to enter the postal code into the search box. Set the text property to the postal code.

3.Click: Click on the search button to initiate the search.

4.Wait for Page to Load: Use the “Element Exists” or “Wait Element Vanish” activity to ensure that the search results have loaded before proceeding.

5.Find All “More Details” Buttons: Use the “Find Children” activity to find all the “More Details” buttons on the page. Set the appropriate selector for this activity.

6.For Each Loop: Use a “For Each” activity to iterate through the list of “More Details” buttons.

a. Click on “More Details” Button: Inside the loop, use the “Click” activity to click on each “More Details” button.

b. Wait for Details to Load: You may need to wait for the additional details to load after clicking the “More Details” button. Use the “Element Exists” or “Wait Element Vanish” activity for this.

c. Extract Information: Once the details have loaded, use activities like “Get Text” or “Screen Scraping” to extract the desired information.

d. Store Information: Store the extracted information in variables or write it to a file.

Repeat for Other Postal Codes: Place the entire sequence inside a loop (e.g., “For Each” loop) to iterate through multiple postal codes

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Can you share a screenshot of the sequence for steps 6a and 6b?

I am not sure I understand how this will click on multiple “More Details” buttons?

It depends on the anchor, please state your requirement more clearly

I guess you need to use Ancor in your selector.

and please check the selector use ID in your selector so it is possible to handle this type of isuses

I got the solution!!! :raised_back_of_hand:

Step 1:
Use the Extract data table and extract the data from the web page.
You need to indicate the below-highlighted values.

once you extracted please use the below selector.

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Find your nearest foremost professional | Foremost Golf' /> <webctrl visibleinnertext='ANTHONY RICHARDS @ DIBDEN GOLF CENTRE' /> <nav up='2' /> <webctrl aaname='More Details' parentid='results' tag='A' />

Here you have to Change the value for each loop as I shown in the below video.

Solution 1.mp4 - Google Drive.

It took a lot of time, if it helps you am happy :blush: @Data_Wizard Cheers :beers: :beer:

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You can use for eqch ui element activity and indicate more details …it would click on each in a loop