How to click on element in webpage

How to click on element in webpage when the position of the submit button is changing dynamically

You might post more info, screen shots of descriptor and activity.
Drilling down to more strict selector may solve your issue. I face this issue quite frequently and have to do the same.


It’s a interview question I got. Please let me know how did you resolve it.


Even if the position changes the innertext and the tag properties of the selector would not change…so we can use them as reliable values in selector and can use it…position of the button will not have any effect unless you use cv activities or use any coordinate specific values

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@manjusree_R_N_manju Using a fuzzy selector inside Modern click activity will help you on this.

Hi @manjusree_R_N_manju ,

If the selector is changing dynamically then you should either use the inbuilt anchor option to give the selector of any nearest element, So during runtime, Bot will try to identify the submit button location with reference to the anchor element location.

Another method is to use the “ANCHOR” activity. Both will work the same way. It’s just a separate activity to perform the same task.

Ashutosh Gupta

Thanks a ton @michael.zura t, @Anil_G , @Aswin_Bhaskar and @Ashutosh.Gupta

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Just sharing my thought…
Usually there is only one Submit button per page.
It could also be possible to inject JavaScript and get button by name or inner html,
and then perform click using JavaScript only.
Ankit Kunturwar

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