How can i click a button or text which position changes dynamically on webpage?

Hello everyone!

I running a web app automation.

I need to download report from page as below.


There are different report names on the table. Each name has same download icon on the right. I want to download only one of them that i specify.

How can i do this?
Could you help me please?


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Are you able to get the selector of the icon you want to click?

You could try using click relative to the report name as an anchor base


Hi @alpersahin
You can also e.g. play with “Click text” / “Click image” and manually change the cursor position with OffsetX. “Click image” OffsetX 200 worked for me on the image submitted by you. Does this solution work for you too?

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Hi @PAD, @TimK

Thank you for answers!

Both of suggestions sounds logical. Now i’m trying to do. Sorry i’m new. So it take times to perform process that i want. After I’ll try i let you know to result.

If you use the recorder for Web
Under Element -> Mouse - Click Relative (Select the report name, then click on indicate a point on the screen and select the excel icon to the right)

You can then play around with the selector accordingly to select the correct report.

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