How to click on each result in a web page?


I will need help with this operation:

I open a browser or a desktop app and I search something.

This browser/app returns a page with a list of results that are clickable and you can do things with it (like results on google or amazon).

The question is, how to do if I want the robot clicks on each result? (like the for each activity on data tables)

Could be this possible? Thanks for your help

Well, is it a browser or is it an app?

If it’s a browser you can do a web scrape to extract URLs and then use NavigateTo activity inside the AttachBrowser or OpenBrowser block for each row.

Second option would be to investigate the selectors for the results and find some pattern where you can use a counter/variable to do a Click on each one…

Hope this helps.

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Finally it was in an app and I solve with selectors, thanks for your response!