Web search results in rows of tables

Hi everybody,

I have an issue and I would appreciate a lot some help :wink:

I would like to ask the robot to double click on each result of web search . When I perform a search, all results are displayed by tables. So, the first row of the results is a table, the second row of the result is a table and so on…The below printscreen shows 11 tables

The selector of first col of the first row is:
“webctrl aaname=‘OPC (Partie I)’ parentid=‘ResultResearchGridView-record-469’ tag=‘DIV’ />”

The selector for the first col of the second row is:
“webctrl aaname=‘B’ parentid=‘ResultResearchGridView-record-470’ tag=‘DIV’ />”

The problem for me is that if I do another search, the first ID won’t be 469 anymore but maybe 450…

I used UiExplorer but did’nt succeed to fix the issue.

So, I don’t know how to tell my bot to double click on each results.

I have inspected the website Under Google Chrome and I have noticed that there was a “data-recordid” for each table but I don’t know how to add it in my selector as I’m not an expert in web.

table id=“ResultResearchGridView-record-1” data-boundview=“ResultResearchGridView” data-recordid=“1”

Thanks in advance for your help.


You can use data scraping to read all the rows of the table and also you can retrieve the URLs that the links in the rows would point to as well. That way you don’t have to bother about the selectors for each row.

Thanks Kaderms.

I tried what you proposed me but the scrapp method does not provide me with any URL (I have selected the option in the wizzard).

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what :frowning:

No @LaurentO. Not your fault. This would be because the URL would not have been defined in the href attribute (specific to links) in your application. Just noticed from your previous post that all your rows are DIV elements. You can use the below workaround.

You can just scrape the data with the Type and Name and store it in a datatable.
Loop through the datatable using For Each Row activity and do the below step
Use Click activity with the below dynamic selector to double click on the row
"<webctrl aaname='" + row.item("Type").ToString + "' parentid='ResultResearchGridView-record*' tag='DIV' >"
Make sure you change the ClickType property to CLICK_DOUBLE

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Thanks for that. It was very helpfull :wink:

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