How to click on a specific point relative from a window title?

Hi everybody,

Look at this java application section

I’m trying to program the robot to click always on the area corresponding with the first result (in this case AOO, but the list can scroll) but I can’t find the command to stablich this area relative to the static title (Sélection des dossiers…)

Can you help me?


Try doing a recording -> image -> mouse click. Select the ID Corbeille (or the selection text above it if you don’t want to change the sort), then select “indicate” when the Set mouse position dialog pops up. This should set the mouse to a point relative to the image you selected.

An easier way, would be to use Click activity with Cursor Position settings. You should identify the ID Corbeille element, and just set the cursor position properties with Y = 5 for example

You can also try using AnchorBase activity. This allows you to define an Anchor, something that is fixed and can be identified every time, and afterwards, you can define an activity that should execute somewhere relative to your anchor.

Use record->element->mouse->Click Relative instead of image. Image is to be used only in Citrix automations.