How to click on 1st check box in an application using 'Click' activity

Hi All,

We are doing user team assignment in one of the SAP application (BPC) automation, where we are required to search ‘Team’ and click on first check box. See attached screen. Team is getting searched properly in text box by referring from excel file. We are using ‘Click’ activity to click the first check box (see encircled), so that the team will get assigned to user. But this is working only for first loop. For second one it is failing. We even tried ‘Double click text’, ‘Double click OCR text’ activities, but same result.

We are also attaching selector of this activity for your reference.

Is there any other better way to do it? Are we committing any mistake in ‘Click’ activity?

Drishti Jalan

Did you try using UIExplorer to indicate the element?
Also see that for the second loop does any attribute of the page changes?
If yes, then you will have to manipulate your selector i.e. add more tags using uiexplorer and you will have to use wildcard…

Hi Niket,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, for second loop the attribute of the page do change (the teams gets changed based on each user). But irrespective of the changed teams, we want system to always click on 1st check box. Isn’t it possible without use of options suggested by you?


If the attributes of the page change then you also need to make the selector as such that it identifies the check box in the second iteration as well. In the selector look for an attribute that changes in the second iteration. Place a wildcard(*) instead of that…
Or maybe add an attach browser activity before checking the box and indicate the window that you sent.

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