How to click dynamically on web using Rectangle coordinates from Get position activity

Hello all,

i have a requirement were i need to download multiple images from an url, but as every image has a different src attribute i’m not able to use click activity dynamically, my only solution is click using pixel coordinates, which we can get from get position activity.

but upon getting the pixel coordinates im not able to use them as click activity wants me to select between strict or fuzzy selector only. Please help on this.

Thank you.


GetPosition activity returns rectangle which contains absolute coordinate of Desktop.
So can you try to indicate Desktop and set Cursor position as the following.
Please note that it works in only HardwareEvent (Default mode)



FYI, if you use modern activities, the following will help you.

uie is UiElement which outputs from UseApplicatuonBrowser


Hello @Sai_Prakash1

Can you please explain the requirement with a sample screenshoit?

If you just want to click on multiple images at some particular coordinates, you can use the Modern click activity by setting the offset values.


Hi @Sai_Prakash1

If your problem is with identifying sifferent urls because they are same. You can try including a idx to iterate theough all the urla and click on each that way you will be able to use click as well and it would be reliable. If you dont know how many urls would be there then just add try catch around it and when caught exit your loop