How to click different links one by one & perform actions in link page when satisfies if condition?

I have a grid in page with column.If column matches some keywords it should click matched row link & perform actions in it & repeat second one if found.

Please reply ASAP

can you please explain your use case in more detail.

ok. i have data with rows & columns in a webpage in if condition i have given condition as column matches some keyword text.After that i have doubt i.e if condition matches,then it should click link of matched row & repeat matched records one by one if there

Extract the whole data into a data table and use for each row activity and keep if condition inside for each row. if condition satisfied then click on the link (or use navigate to activity if you could able to identify any pattern for landing page URL) and do the tasks what ever you want to do and the use navigate activity to get back to the page where you have grid.

i did what u said previously like this but problem is that every time it wont be same link.

can you please share the landing page URL and URL of this data grid.

cant share that …cant do with landing page because id in url is changing.

is the like 176705? if yes, pass the value as variable

yes.but link id & url id is different

Okay you can click on the ID based on selector (include row number in selector and pass as a variable) after performing the task you can use navigate to data grid page

ok.will try it.thanks

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