How To Click browser network Tab in Dev Tools

Dear Friends,

I want to know how to click browser settings in ui path.
I have a task through ui path need to find website speed in native chrome dev tool. (not in external site like Gt Matrix). so i do open browser and type url. open dev tools in send hot key activity (Cntrl+shift+i). now opened but i want to navigate to Network Tab in dev tools. Like below shown image.

then i want to get text from loading time in dev tools bottom of screen.
Please if anyone knows tell me.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi friend!

Have you tried installing the chrome browser extension and then clicking the Network Tab with a Click activity?

To get the text from loading time use the (surprise) Get Text activity!

Cheers :partying_face:

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i cannot get your telling my dear friend can you share one small activity @lukasziebold.


Install the browser extension here:

Then use the regular Click activity (you should know this one) and either a Get Text activity (for one element) or use the Data Scraping wizard to extract all relevant information.



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install the extension and use the click activity

Hi Dear Firend @fernando_zuluaga and @lukasziebold can u attach the Basic main xaml file.

Dear friend, I won’t send you a xaml file, because you only learn by trying for yourself. You can do it! :wink:

Also there is no relevant information in the xaml file that is not in the screenshot.

ya bro @naveenchristopher do the steps @lukasziebold suggested to you, it’s all you have to do

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My problem when i click network tab with activity it taken only the document selector only.

even i tried your steps your shared screenshots but i cannot click network tab @lukasziebold

you can use the click text activity then, try with that

I don’t have the chrome browser available, so i can’t check myself, sorry.
Can you confirm you installed the browser extension?

yes all extension i installed this is my workflow @fernando_zuluaga @lukasziebold

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let us to see which is the selector in the click activity please


i used Click activity and click text activity too not working.


kindly share me your workflow

@fernando_zuluaga Forum site shows new users cannot upload files.
But this is my activity

click in the 3 lines in the click activity, and click in edit selector, take screenshot and show me that selector please.

did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity that would work

Cheers @naveenchristopher

Thank you all for spend valuable time for this issue. i found the solution this one. yes every one correct need to use image click activity but outside of browser scope and after clear the selector empty.
@Palaniyappan @fernando_zuluaga @lukasziebold
but below image i am using with in browser operation.