How to Clean Unstructured Data Table

hello all,

I have an excel sheet which is unstructured .
UnstructureData.xlsx (40.8 KB)
please check the UnstructureData.xlsx
Now my requirement is to structure the data table . The data table should be like this
StructureData.xlsx (25.4 KB)
I have to make the UnstructureData.xlsx to StrctureData.xlsx .

Would you please suggest me how would I clean the excel file and make that like StructureData.xlsx

Thanks in Advance

I build datatable(structured) then add data row from unstructured. (35.8 KB)

hey thanks for your reply . would you kindly check why the date column value showing like “44228”
Thanks in Advance

Because of Cell Format.


When I change format to Date, I can see the correct content.