How to check whether the string is equal to list of available strings


I have one condition, I need to get the mail sender and need to check the with list of available senders and if it matches based on the match I need to do perform the action. Here I will store the list of senders in variables. I used str.contains function But it is not working as I am providing the value as variable inside the contains function.

can anyone help me with this

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Hello @Ananthaeswar2,

Lets say ‘ListString’ is a list of string, use a for each loop to loop through the items in the list(Chance the type from Object to String
Inside that use an if condition like if item=sender then perform whatever you need to!
Assuming sender is a String variable containing the mail sender!


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@Ananthaeswar2 Better the List of senders be Array of String Type. Attached a working example…ArrayOfStringContains.xaml (5.0 KB)

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