How to check if json object contains a specified key?

hi… i’m having trouble identifying if my json object have certain key or not. i’m already using in the condition IF(json_object(“key”)). but it seems like it doesn’t work. please refer to the screen shot below.

in the first screenshot it shows that json, object obviously have the key i needed to get but once it enters the IF Condition this message shows up…

i wonder what could be the problem. please help me solve these problem… i tried searching tons of related articles and tried but it doesn’t work. what should i do?

@Tammy1998 Go through this linl: How to Check if A JSON Object Contains A Certain Key? - #3 by whyyouandi


hi. i have already read through that link and nothing worked for me. is there any other solution i could find?

there is one more problem. it only works on then part of the if condition but it doesn’t go to else part of the condition.

please take a look a this two photos…