How to find nested Json Key/Value exists or not


I have Json Object which has nested Keys. Some element may have “Rows”, some element does not have “rows”

How to find if element does not have “rows”?

Fyi - I have looped three times to get value of rows elements. It is failing when rows is not present.
Please help

I have tried all combinations like isnothing, containskey etc.

Can you share us the json file you are using


I am not able to share JSON hence pasted contains in original post

@pawanbag did you resolve the issue? I have also has same scenario!

Hello , did any find a solution how one can check a condition for multiple ContainsKey validation check.

Eg: I have a json to check marital status. So the json either will have one of the following set.
Single : true
Marrried : true
Divorced : true

Now these flags are set to true only if present, if there is no marital status set in form these fields are not present in the JSON.

So I need to combine a condition to check Jobject.containsKey(“Single”) or Jobject.containsKey(“Married”) or Jobject.containsKey(“Divorced”)

I am not able to combine all these conditions with OR or anything else.

Individual IF conditions do not help since IF 1st condition returns true , it goes go ahead to check other conditions and eventually return me a FALSE flag.

Just open a new topic for your case Thanks
If possible please also share your JSON with us, not only the small snippet