How to check if column in sap screen contains required value

Hi Team,

I have SAP screen like below. I need to check if column “Posting date” contains “system date-2” or not. How to check that without exporting data to excel

Hi @Sirisha_Siri ,

Maybe there is a Way to Filter that Particular Column with a Value in that SAP Table and get the filtered rows.

So after you Filter the Column with your value and there is one or more rows available, it would mean that the value is present.

how to check if rows exist after filtering?

@Sirisha_Siri , Use Element Exists Activity and Indicate on the First Row. This Should be enough to Check if there is a Single Row present.

Today is 11th, i need to check if there are docs which are earlier than system date-2. For this cant apply filter from SAP screen. Is there any other way to check if posting date column contains any date which is earlier than system date-2